deathwish27 (deathwish27) wrote,

Yo, Read this bitch!!

Oh Alicia,

Jesus Christ of Latter Day Fuckin Saints! Seriously, let. it. go. When are you going to stop being so fucking lame? I mean really? Grow up and take some responsibility. I didn't turn you into anything, I didn't mold you into anything. I am not "Your creator" Bitch,that just shows how weak minded and pitied you make yourself out to be. You're seriously gonna sit here and blame me for how your dumb ass turned out.

Fact is, you're a self proclaimed Slut of your own accord. Not my fault you whored around on me. The only thing I take responsibility for is telling you what you wanted to hear.

I'm stupid. I loved Bekah...Don't get me wrong, I loved you at one point too, but when I was with Bekah, you never shut the fuck up about your feelings for me so I'd sit and tell you what you wanted to hear. It may come off as harsh now, and it's harsh because I didn't want to admit it to myself then but when you found someone else who wasn't me, all it was was jealousy. Jealousy that I didn't have you waiting at my beckon call anymore.

Which by the way is kinda a contradiction in itself, because you were always off whoring yourself to the next available dick you could pounce on. I'm not even gonna play the whole, "You hurt me" Card anymore because frankly I just don't give a shit whats done is done and I learned from it. I learned that I was a dumb ass kid searching for love in aaaaaalll the wrong places.

And about the whole monogamous way of life? You might not agree with it but shit, I'll tell you one thing.

I have someone who loves me and who belongs to me and only me, and I to them. There is no 3rd party involved, no one who will ever fight for my affection or fight me for hers..And it eliminates the possibility of any disease I could catch...Anyways. Bottom line is. Live your polygamist life style I don't give a flying fuck what you do just please, please please...quit your bitching. Thank you.
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