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Make it Stop....

Today was good, I think. She's online right now. I'm shaking. God Help me Be strong! Give me strength. Help me Think of something else. When I see her online, When I know she's on...I start shaking horribly. I want to talk to her. To act like nothing happened...But things arent like that right now. No. We're through. God dammit Abby, remember she doesnt want you! She doesnt want you anymore! God dammit. Remember that. She left you.

Ok, so I have to start talking about something other than Ali. I got Laya Tomorrow. I love that Class. It's sorda kinda blow off but it's the best place to have fun. Yeah.

GOD DAMMIT! I'm alone. My mind cant wonder. Because if it does, it's just led to where she's at. I cant think of her, Thinking of her is torture. Torture's not good enough for me. Why she seperated us? I dont know. I dont know anything. I'm trying to Move on..I'm trying to be Ok.

Tell her stop torturing me so much, Tell her to leave me. Tell her it hurts me to much to think of her. Tell her to stay away. To stay gone. Tell her to keep to herself. Tell her not to overwhelm me with her essence. Tell her to keep away from me! GOD!!! HEAR ME! Make this pain stop.....

I Have to go.
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